Which is the best online casino for you?

On Mar 28, 2016,  11:24 am   by Online Casino

What types of bonuses exist? The first step is to get informed, so here are some of the types of bonuses you may come across. Find out the best online casino too!

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  • No-deposits

This is that type of bonuses all players want – play for free and make money. This type of deposit is usually given the first time you log into your account, as the online casino gives you the chance to test the platform free of charge. Great right?

If you’re in search of a no-deposit or a low deposit required, take a look at: 888poker.com or Ladbrokes.

The Best Online Casino for you!

  • Matching deposit

Otherwise said if you pay $100 the casino will give you $200 to play. What better way to enjoy your favorite game than to play for more money than you actually deposit?

  • Percentage deposit

Although this is not as good as the others, the casino will pay you a percentage of the money you deposit. For instance, if you deposit $100 the casino will give you at the end $150 dollars to enjoy. The percentage is usually set at 50%.

  • Loyalty bonus

If you’re loyal to an online casino, they will probably thank you for this by offering you loyalty bonuses. Spending time on a certain platform comes with benefits too, you know?

  • Refer a friend bonus

As the name says it, if you refer a friend you get a bonus. The more friends you refer, the more bonuses you get, the more chances to earn more money. What a relief for those who have many friends.
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