News just for bettors: NJ gambling revenue increase

On Oct 21, 2016,  1:46 pm   by Online Casino

The impressive increase in gambling revenue in New Jersey continues to impress everyone. Statistics point out that 2016 is by far the best year for online gambling in this area. And this is not all, more and more surprises are planned just for bettors. Why? To enjoy gambling in New Jersey at pro levels.

Compared to the same months last year, 2016 has been a more profitable year for the gambling industry. Both the online gambling operators, but as well land-based casinos registered a financial boost. Even though the months of August and July didn’t surpass September, the overall results support the best case scenario for so many.

But what’s the reason behind the last months’ decrease in revenue? Specialists state that July and August’s gains were lower than the total revenue registered in September. Why? Because of several economic and political factors that influenced trends. Obviously, things got better last month.

What about online gambling?

Without a doubt, online gambling is highly appreciated in New Jersey. As a result, gambling operators do everything possible to improve the experience just for bettors. The results can be seen in the total revenue.

Gambling is all about numbers, so let’s see the statistics published by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement. This year the online casino revenue increased compared to last year. In September 2015 numbers showed up to $12 million in earnings. This September, revenues show an increase, summing up to $16.2 million.

But, going a little bit further, the overall improvements cannot be ignored. More and more gamblers choose New Jersey as their favorite gambling destination or use the online services located in this state.

Gambling in New Jersey is flourishing

No one could have ever predicted how successful this industry can be in New Jersey. In the financial results registered this September, here are the top 3 venues:

  • Golden Nugget
  • Borgata
  • Caesars Interactive NJ

Golden Nugget – the new leader!

This hotel and casino increased its revenues last month. Moreover, it also helped to maintain an accelerated rhythm of growth in the New Jersey gambling industry. Its services, the luxury features and the variety of games, all contributed to a genuine success.

The Golden Nugget is a four-star resort with many gambling facilities. The management planned a real gambling experience just for bettors. Either that you choose the online app or the land-based casino you’ll find a variety of games to play. For instance: table games, slots, roulette, video poker games, baccarat, blackjack and so much more. In addition, the customer services are also top-rated. You’ll also find someone here to support you.


Compared to last year in September, the online gambling revenue at Golden Nugget increased by 35%, earning ~16 million. Amazing, right?

New Jersey, just for bettors!

Being one of the three fully regulated gambling US states, New Jersey sets high goals every month. This pushes the industry forward with amazing results.

Even though there are ups and downs in numbers, the trend is clearly on an ascending path. It’s also true, that August and July suffered some minor leaks, but September came back with impressive results in online gambling. Whether we’re talking about the comfort, the promotions available online or the great variety of games, a thing is certain: gambling in New Jersey is the new trend!