The Blackjack Betting Strategy You Need

On Dec 9, 2016,  5:59 pm   by Online Casino Tips

Most beginners don’t have a blackjack betting strategy in place which means they usually struggle to break even after a night of playing casino games. Managing your bankroll and having a proper blackjack betting strategy is crucial to making a profit. Otherwise, players can expect either minimal returns or high losses when playing blackjack or other casino games. With a solid blackjack strategy in place, players can expect to lower the house edge to under 1%, giving them the best chance of turning out a profit. Here is a list of noteworthy blackjack betting strategy tips you should read before moving on to the casino tables.

Blackjack Betting Strategy: The Martingale System

With the Martingale system, players are required to double their bets after they lose. This betting system relies on the fact that players are bound to win sooner or later. The disadvantage to this betting system is the fact that you could burn through your bankroll fairly quickly after a longer losing streak.

Blackjack Betting Strategy: Parlay Betting

This is the opposite of the Martingale system where players double their bets only after winning. This system bases its theory on the fact that wins and loses come in “streaks” so players should progressively increase their bets as they win but reduce them when losing.

Blackjack Betting Strategy: Flat bets

Using a flat bets system means that you will simply bet the same amount time and time again. This betting system is usually great for maintaining your bankroll intact but you will most likely just struggle to break even. The casino’s blackjack house advantage will simply grind away at your bankroll until you leave the table – this system is recommended only for beginners who just want to learn more about the game without necessarily making a profit.

Blackjack Betting Strategy: Random betting

Random betting means simply betting random amounts with no regard to losing streaks, winning streaks or other aspects of the game. This tactic is not recommended in any circumstances.

Blackjack Betting Strategy: The D’alembert strategy

This is another interesting blackjack betting system where players begin their game with a multiple-unit bet. If the player loses the first game, they increase their bet by one unit and if the player wins the game they decrease the bet by one unit. Mathematically speaking, the D’alembert system is not recommended.

Blackjack Betting Strategy: Progress & Reverse System

The progress and reverse system is made up of different betting units. This system looks like this: 2-1-2-3-4-5. The idea is that you first bet two units, then one, then two, then three and so on. If you win at 5 betting units you simply add another unit to your bet size and increase it to 6 but if you lose you go back to the beginning with just two units. If you win the first 2 units bet and then lose the second, you will still have a profit of one unit, which is great. If you happen to lose the first bet for a couple of times, it’s better to just call it a day.

Blackjack Betting Strategy: Up & Pull

This blackjack betting system is similar to progress & Reverse but the difference is that you don’t reduce your bet by one unit after the first win. The system looks like this: 2-2-3-4-5… – the idea behind it is that players increase their bets after two 2 unit wins. Even if you lose the third one you still have a guaranteed profit of one unit. If you get to the third win and lose, you go back to making 2 unit bets but if you win you start making 4 unit bets. This blackjack system is recommended for all players since it provides solid returns.