The 5 Biggest Casinos In The World

On Jan 3, 2017,  5:02 pm   by Online Casino Tips

Nowadays casinos are synonymous with gambling, luxury, huge resorts and exotic places. Some of the largest casinos in the world made it onto our list and the good thing is that they are dotted all around the world, ensuring that each and every gambling buff will find something or someplace to tickle their taste. Casinos are usually tied in a continuous race to get bigger, flashier and offer newer casino games.

That being said, all casinos usually offer the regular casino games including blackjack, roulette, baccarat, poker, slots, craps and other regional variants of these games. The only thing that can set them apart is their location, size and services being offered to players, either high rollers or less frequent gamblers.

Biggest Casinos #5: MGM Grand Macau in Macau, China

The MGM Grand Macau is a joint venture started between the daughter of gambling king Stanley Ho and MGM Resorts. The MGM Grand Macau boasts over 250.000 square feet of premium finishes all ready to receive and delight players from all around the world. The casino’s main attraction is a cylindrical aquarium located in its main lobby. The aquarium is over 26 foot tall and it’s fitted with LED lights along with plenty of colourful fish, including a shark. Ouch!

Biggest Casinos #4: Casino Ponte in Macau, China

Casino Ponte is located in Macau’s idyllic Rich Inner Harbour. The casino is best known for its display of Michael Jackson memorabilia, including the glove worn by Michael when he did his first historical moonwalk on prime time television. Although the casino’s memorabilia has since been auctioned off, Casino Ponte stays true to its appreciation of the King of Pop through the Michael Jackson café and gift shop. Casino Ponte also boasts 270.000 square feet fitted with over 470 casino tables and slots, as well as 9 distinct restaurants and bars.

Biggest Casinos #3: Foxwoods Resort Casino in Ledyard, US

The Foxwoods Resort Casino boasts over 340.000 square feet of pure gambling and resort area fitted with over 7780 slots and table games. The casinos 40 restaurants and bars offer plenty of post-gambling relaxation and delight. The Foxwoods Resort Casino is the largest casino in the United States – the WPT World Poker Tour Room is held here every year. The WPT World Poker Tour Room is the third largest in the world and the second largest in the US. The casino’s impressive furnishings and all inclusive services made it one of the most popular places to visit for US players.

Biggest Casinos #2: City of Dreams in Macau, China

The City of Dreams Casino in China boasts the largest club in Macau and also 448.000 square feet of extravagantly furnished gambling space. The second largest casino in the world also offers nearly 2000 different table games and slots, as well as 32 bars and restaurants with plenty of live shows to go around.  Other noteworthy features include the Sky Gaming lounge and the PokerStars Live Manila room, all ready to receive high rollers and exclusive members.

Biggest Casinos #1: The Venetian in Macau, China

With over 53 restaurants and bars, 4200 tables and slots as well as a 546.000 square feet casino, the Venetian in Macau is by far the largest casino in the world. The Venetian is 39 stories tall and it’s also the seventh largest building in the world with over 10 million square feet of space divided amongst its hotels, restaurants, showrooms and arenas. The casino’s own hotel features over 3000 lavishly furnished rooms waiting to be booked by guests from all around the world.